2 Ways To Protect Your Stored Items

Are you storing your things long-term? Storage units are a great option for you to use if you are going to be living abroad or simply don't have space in your new apartment for that king-sized bed. However, although most storage units are exceptionally secure, it isn't ever fun to deal with damage from dust or water later. Here are two ways to protect your things while they are in storage.  

1: Cover Everything

If you took all of your stuff and stored it in your parent's garage, what would happen? Most likely, after a few weeks your things would be covered with a fine layer of dust. The same principle holds true when you use storage units. Even the best storage facilities aren't capable of keeping the dust in your unit from settling, especially if the space is in a garage-type building outside.

Unfortunately, grime accumulation can be a real problem. In addition to covering everything in your space, it can also be difficult to clean out of upholstery or any other object that you couldn't easily wipe off. To protect your things, wrap or cover everything in your unit with blankets or plastic. Most storage facilities sell vinyl tarps or plastic dust covers to make it convenient for you to protect your stuff.

2: Look Out For Holes, Gaps, and Cracks

Before you leave town, look for small problems with your storage unit like holes leading to the outside, cracks in the masonry, or gaps around your roll-up door. Although these issues might not seem like that big of a deal, they can readily let in water, mud, or blown dirt.

To find these problems easily, go to your storage unit during the day when the sun is bright. If you can't spot any issues from the outside, go inside of your unit and shut the door. Look for areas where light pours into the area, and note of the problem.

If you find any problems, report them immediately to storage facility managers. Most facilities have a maintenance staff that can quickly and carefully address structural problems, so that you aren't left worrying about your stuff. Because they won't be able to access your locked unit alone, workers might make an appointment to have you meet them at your unit so that they can resolve the issue.

Carefully preparing your items for storage will keep them damage-free, so that you don't end up with extra hassles later. If you're looking for a storage facility in your area, contact Island Movers.