How To Have A Successful Move To Another State

Moving to another state can be a hassle. Not only are you relocating across state lines, you have to bring all your stuff with you as well. Learn the best way to move to another state, so you can comfortably transition from one area to another.

Explore your new surroundings before moving in

Before you call the moving company and have your things moved into your new home, fly or drive to your new destination a few weeks in advance and rent a hotel room for a few days. The goal with this mission is to get used to your new surroundings- the culture, popular hotspots, areas that may interest your family, and how to drive in a new kind of traffic. As you explore your new town and state, check out the following so you can acclimate yourself:

  • grocery stores
  • parks
  • libraries
  • malls and outlet stores
  • movie theaters
  • local recreational destinations
  • gas stations
  • churches

In exploring your new area weeks before you move in, you get a feel for grocery and gas prices, know what schools are near your new area, and what malls and shopping centers you can visit. This way, you don't fly or drive into your new state totally blind as to what you are getting into. This makes moving easier, when you transition a few weeks in advance.

Hire a moving company

Trying to drive an entire household of belongings from one state to another can be time consuming and expensive for you. Hire a moving company to do this work for you. A moving company will pack and store your items for you safely, keep a written record of all the items they are carrying for you, and transport your items under their protective insurance. This way, if a mirror is broken in transit, you don't have to worry about replacing it. Just keep in mind that certain items will have to travel with you, such as your firearms, jewelry, and plants, since for your own security, moving companies are reluctant or outright against taking these items to your new home for you.

Get situated before you unpack

As soon as you move into your new home, you need to make sure you open a new local checking account, get a new pharmacist, and begin looking for a new doctor, dentist, and veterinarian for your family's needs. Make a list of the needed things you will need to transfer to new accounts (including finding a new tax accountant, if necessary), so you aren't left wondering where to go in the event of financial or medical needs.

Moving across state lines can be quite the adventure, and you can make the journey more successful by preparing in advance for your great move. Follow these tips to help make moving to another state as successful as possible.