Types Of Moving And Storage Services: Knowing Which Type Is Right For Your Needs

There are various reasons why you may need moving and storage services. However, you could find yourself in a pickle if you do not know the different types of both services that are available. A knowledge of the types of both moving and storage services can save you money, time and frustration.  With this information you can easily choose a service provider.

Types of Moving and Storage Services

In general these two services go together since many people who move items may also need to store them.  The type of storage moving services you choose will depend on your needs such as:

  • Assistance with packing: In many cases, you may need expert help to pack the items you are moving or putting into storage. For example, valuables such as crystals or ceramics need to be packed in a special way to prevent damage. Many moving and storage services have the expertise to help with packing your items for moving and or storage.
  • Types of packing material/containers: Some items need to be packed in special containers or in special material to protect them. Apart from breakables and items such as machinery, there are medications and other perishables that may need to be transported across country or even internationally. Some packing and moving companies may even makecustom packing containers for special items.
  • Self-moving services: With these types of services you do your own packing and driving. In most cases, you can rent a moving pod to store your possessions, paying only for the size you need.  You can also rent a moving truck that you will drive to your destination. This is one of the most economical storage and moving options.
  • Long distance, local and international: The distance you will need to transport the items is a vital part of the selection of a provider. The distance will significantly affect the price of the services.

How to Choose

Once you know what is available, it becomes easy to decide which service provider can meet your needs. At this point, you can go about choosing. Steps in the selection process require answering the following questions:

  • What will you be moving or storing?
  • Where will you moving, sending or storing the items?
  • Will you need help with packing?
  • Will you need packing material and crates?
  • When will you need to move or store the items?

In addition to these, you will need to know how much insurance the company has, especially if the items you are moving or storing are valuable and or expensive. Careful planning and knowing your moving and storage needs is important in finding the best company, such as Walsh Moving & Storage, for the job.