Need A Storage Unit? 3 Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right One

You're cleaning out your house and it's time to rent a storage unit at a place like Santa Barbara Mini Storage. It's important to note that not all storage units are the same. Before you rent a unit, be sure you're renting one that will suit your needs. Here are three tips that will help you select the right storage unit.


If you're going to be visiting the storage unit by yourself, you want to make sure that the property is secure. To get a feel for the security, it's a good idea to walk through the facility a couple of times before you sign a contract. Try walking through early in the morning and again later in the evening. This will allow you to see how well the premises are lit during various hours of the day. In addition to the lighting, you should also check for the following items:

  • Security cameras – are they visible in every section of the storage yard?
  • Hallways – if they're enclosed, are there intercoms connected to the office for emergency communication?
  • Fire extinguishers – are there ample extinguishers in each storage section?

Climate Control

If you're going to be storing items such as electronic equipment, photographs or important documents, you'll want a storage unit that's climate-controlled. Storage units that are climate-controlled will protect your property from damage caused by excessive temperatures, as well as from damage caused by moisture.

For maximum protection, each unit should have its own climate control so that you can adjust it according to your own storage need. If you live in a region that experiences extreme humidity, you can provide added moisture protection for your electronics and photographs by placing de-humidifying packets in your storage containers.


When it comes to storing your property, size is important. There's nothing worse than renting a unit and finding out it's too small after you've already started moving your belongings into it. One way to make sure you rent the right size unit is to measure the property you'll be storing.

Simply place all the containers you'll be storing in one central location. Use a measuring tape to measure the width and length of the items. When you go to rent your storage unit, you'll know what size you need.

Storage units are a great way to clean out your home without throwing away valuable property. This list will help you choose a storage unit that will work best for you.