Tips To Help Make Your Move That Much Easier

While it is an exciting time, moving to a new home can be stressful and very time consuming. In order to make your move that much easier, there are a few tips you can follow. Your move doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Pack a Bag with Essentials

When you're moving, all your clothes and essentials like bathroom supplies will be packed away and could be hard to dig out. Instead, pack an overnight bag with essentials like your toothbrush, pajamas, and hairbrush. This means you will have everything you need for the night after your move and potentially, if you plan ahead, for a few days after so you don't have to rush to unpack.

Pack Important Items in Clear Plastic

It will definitely take you a few days, if not a week or more if you work full time, to get everything unpacked and organized. Instead of rifling around your cardboard boxes looking for the important items you will need right away, like dishes, eating utensils, and cookware for example, pack them into clear plastic containers. This way you will find them quickly and have them on hand when you need them.

Label Boxes

Don't just pack each box and hope you will remember what you put in them and what room they are going to in the new house. Instead, label each box with the items included and what room they are meant for. This way the boxes will be in the right room, making your job of unpacking easier.

Clean the House

It might be possible to gain access to your house a few days before your move. You might be able to achieve this by staggering your closing dates for both homes so you have your new home before you hand the keys over for your old house to the new owners. If you can gain access, clean the new house, especially the kitchen and bathroom. This will save you time during the move if you have living areas sparkling before you fully arrive.

Take a Picture of Electronics

Unless you are tech savvy and connected your electronics yourself at the old house, take a picture of the back of your computer tower or TV so you can see how everything was hooked up. This way you don't need a technician to come and re-hook up your electronics. It can be difficult to remember where each cord went, and you could be without your favorite shows for awhile otherwise.

For more information on how to make your move go smoothly, contact a company such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.